About us

Our business was formed in 2016 through a combination of serendipity, ambition, naivety and hard work with the intention of filling a void in the Western Australian seismic processing market left by the recent exodus of several processing houses. Good timing and straight talking led to our first few processing projects and we were underway. We have now completed dozens of projects in a variety of locations around Australia.

Our experience thus far has consisted of vintage as well as newly acquired onshore 2D and 3D surveys. We have also completed some fast track 2D marine processing as well as provided peripheral seismic services (navmerge and noise analysis). Our growing experience has seen us become adept at dealing with a wide range of noise and statics problems observed in the different basins of Australia.

The seismic processing market is not an area of business where one can afford become complacent. Whilst were able to quite quickly develop a processing flow to service the onshore market in Australia we have also seen that it is a substantial challenge to equal or better the work done by contemporary or former processors. This is the reason for our continual emphasis on algorithm and tool improvement . And besides that’s the fun stuff. We concentrate on accurate implementation of tried and tested algorithms but are not afraid to ignore conventional processing wisdom in the pursuit of a better process. This mindset has led to some nice results and taught us a lot (mostly to not ignore conventional wisdom!)

Running our business on top of our 100% proprietary software gives us several advantages over using some of the very good commercial packages for seismic processing. We have intimate knowledge of the workings of the code and therefore don’t have to rely on documentation. We don’t depend on a third party for development and support. We can match our development priorities for the task at hand and quickly implement new solutions to solve in house problems. For those interested in more details of this development there will be regular updates focusing on this in our blog.