The core of our business is processing seismic data from raw field data through to final migrated images of the subsurface. Some of the key stages of a processing project include:

  • Near surface model building
  • Velocity analysis
  • Residual statics
  • Noise burst removal
  • Random noise removal
  • Migration

And that’s not all. An industry standard seismic processing sequence in its entirety requires an in depth knowledge across a number of disciplines: data formatting, navigation, signal processing and geology to name a few. We can provide solutions for any of these sub disciplines separately. Some examples:

  • Survey location and re-projection
  • Navigation/seismic data merge
  • Velocity analysis QC
  • Gather conditioning

But wait there’s more. If there is one constant in the exploration business it is that with the passage of time data tends to wander. This includes seismic data, observer’s logs, upholes, navigation etc. We pride ourselves on being able to put vintage survey data back together with the bare minimum of support data. If you find yourself in this situation you’ve come to the right place.