The software suite that we use to deliver our processing services is 100% proprietary and the bedrock of our business. It has been developed continually since our inception and continues to evolve to meet our ever growing needs and to streamline common use cases. And we like it.

The package consists of several loosely coupled components built on top of a single library of code. The main programs we use are

Our flow editor and the heart of our processing work. Processing flows are made up from a sequence of modules connected by pipes. Visual feedback from this interface alerts the processor to errors and warnings that can disrupt project progress if not caught early.

Our seismic visualisation app. Most of the standard features that you would expect and a few more. Interactive processing allows the processor to experiment with module parameters before pasting the experimental flow back into digger for production processing.

For all things … mapping! Seismic data with coordinates, velocity fields, shapefiles, navigation files etc. When mapping seismic data gathers for a particular location can be viewed in splot by clicking on one of the mapped locations.

This program brings together several of the already mentioned components into an interactive velocity picker. The processor can manipulate and QC the velocity in several different views. When desired the locations affected by velocity changes can be restacked and compared to a previous version.

Everyone loves toys! This one is for playing with the near surface which is vital for land processing. Velocity profiles can be imported from uphole surveys and then modified so that an acceptable match with first breaks is met.